Porter Airlines Baggage Policy

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Porter Airlines Baggage Policy

Porter Airlines is a Canadian airline that offers flights to various destinations across Canada and the United States. The airline has a baggage policy designed to ensure the safety and comfort of its passengers and facilitate the efficient handling of baggage. 

What Is Porter Airlines Baggage Policy?

Two kinds of baggages are allowed on the airlines. One being Carry-on baggage and the other being Checked baggage. Let's look at both of them one by one, Shall we?

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

  • They allow you to bring 2 pieces of checked baggage on board with you, and that, too, is free of charge. 
  • Each baggage can cost you up to 20 lbs in weight, and the dimensions for the first carry-on baggage should be 55cm * 23cm * 40cm.
  • The second carry-on baggage is considered a "Personal Article," in which you can carry a laptop, purse, or jacket. The maximum dimension of the personal article should be 43 cm x 16 cm x 33 cm, and the weight should be 20 lbs again. 

 Checked Baggage Allowance 

  • The checked baggage introduced in Porter flights should be purchased online before heading to the airport.
  • The first checked baggage is charged CAD 36.11, and CAD 66.85 for a second checked bag. And you would have to pay a higher price when applying for the same at the airport and not online.
  • The additional bags cost CAD 100+ each, with all the local taxes involved.
  • The airlines limit the weight of each bag to up to 23 kg, and if exceeding the limit, you will be charged an overweight fee.

Overweight/Oversized Baggage

If your baggage weighs between 50-70 lbs., it would be considered overweight baggage, and when it is over 158 cm in dimensions, it would be considered oversized baggage. If your baggage is oversized and overweight, you must pay CAD 133 only once.

And when you are carrying an additional bag, you have to pay a CAD 133 fee, but you would not be charged for a piece of overweight and oversized baggage in that case. 

Sport Equipment in baggage

When traveling with Porter Airlines, sporting equipment are subjected to standard baggage policies. The weight and size restrictions do apply to sports equipment as baggage. Unless stated otherwise, the sporting items are considered to be a piece of baggage, and the allowances are that of the checked baggage. The following items are considered sporting equipment on the aircraft.

  • Golf Bags - Golf clubs, balls, and shoes, properly packed, are considered as a single piece of baggage. 
  • Sports Racket - This item can be carried inside the passenger cabin.
  • Fishing equipment - It is counted as a single piece of checked baggage.
  • Bicycles - Kept as a single piece of checked baggage. If there are any handling fees, then it is CAD 66.85 per bicycle per direction.
  • Skis and Snowboards - It is exempt from oversized bag fees and can be considered a single piece of baggage.
  • Hockey Equipements - Is exempted from oversized baggage fees; only two hockey sticks and one bag of equipment are counted as a single piece of checked baggage.
  • Firearms and Ammunition - Ammunition is to be declared before checking in, and up to 5 kg, securely packed, can be carried as checked baggage. And in addition to any applicable fee, a handling fee of CAD 66.85 is charged. 

Military Personnel Baggage

Canadian and US military personnel are eligible for enhanced baggage policy whenever they fly with Porter Airlines. There are no baggage fees for up to 3 checked baggage per person till the time the below conditions are met;

  • No baggage should exceed 203 cm in total dimensions or weigh more than 32 kg.
  • The military identification is to be seen at the airport check-in.
  • The military personnel must be active or retired.
  • And they should be traveling for business or personal reasons.

If military personnel meet the above requirements, they can have their bags tagged and checked at the airport so that they can take advantage of the enhanced baggage allowance for military personnel.

Note - Family members or friends traveling on the same reservation or even separately from the military personnel are not eligible for the enhanced baggage allowance. 

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