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Southwest Cancellation Policy

Monday, June 27, 2022

Do you need to cancel or change your Southwest Airlines flight? The ‘largest’ low-cost airline is your best bet regarding Southwest Airlines cancellation policy and refunds. In comparison, other carriers might charge you $100-$200 to make changes in flights or bookings already booked. Undoubtedly, the Southwest flight cancellation policy is among the most generous policies you'll ever find, and here's what you should know.

How to Cancel a Southwest Airlines Flight?

Want to cancel your Southwest flight? It's easy as duck soup! If you've booked your Southwest Airlines directly via the website, Southwest cancellation policy online is straightforward. Whether one-way or round-trip, canceling your trip and getting a refund will not cost you another dime. On the Southwest website, you must have created your account, and everything is shown in your account.

Southwest lists all upcoming bookings. Therefore, click the 'Cancel' link for your mentioned journey to cancel your flight. If you see multi-passenger bookings, make sure you do not cancel bookings for all the passengers. To cancel a single passenger from a multi-passenger booking, call Southwest Airlines at +1-855-738-3494 for guidance and information on Southwest Airlines cancellation & refund policy.

Can I Change a Southwest Flight?

The good news is—there are no charges for canceling and changing a Southwest flight as per Southwest cancellation policy. Changing a flight is handy if you trigger sudden changes in your travel plan. Whether you are looking forward to taking a different flight on the same day, traveling on a different date, or a new destination, get your flight changed easily through FareOsky.

While no charges are linked to changing Southwest flights, you need to pay the fare difference for your new itinerary according to Southwest Airlines cancellation policy. Supposedly, if your flight fare drops, you'll get the fare difference as a (non-transferable) credit for your future travel, valid for a year from the issued time.

Southwest 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

As per Southwest cancellation policy 24 hours, you can cancel any Southwest ticket within 24 hours of booking, including a Wanna Get Away ticket, and get a full refund.

You can cancel your ticket online at, through the app, or by telephone. You can get a refund in the original payment method or convert your ticket value into Travel Funds to pay for future travel.

A Southwest Gift Card or LUV Voucher can be used to cancel any ticket purchased. Cancellations are allowed within 24 hours. You can cancel these tickets only by calling Southwest customer service at +1-855-738-3494.

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellations for Non-Refundable Tickets

It can be frustrating to cancel your flight unless you have an emergency. So fly with Southwest in the next few days, and don't worry! Southwest cancellation policy is easy, and the airline cares about the customer’s welfare.

SW Airlines offers three refundable and non-refundable air tickets: Wanna-Getaway, Business Select, or Anytime. These are just three of the options. Among these, Anytime and Business Select can be redeemed within 24 hours of cancellation. In addition, wanna-Get-Away fares can be refunded if the cancellation is made within 24 hours, or they can still be reused. Under Southwest Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy, customers can receive a full refund if they cancel within the time limit of 24 hours.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Fee

  • Wanna-Get-Away ticket cancellation is US$ 200 per passenger
  • Anytime ticket cancellation is US$ 150 pp
  • Business Select cancellation is US$ 125 pp
  • Wanna-Get-Away No Show is not permitted by the airline
  • Any Southwest air ticket is US$ 225 pp
  • For Business Select No Show fee is US$ 200
  • Southwest did not charge a fee during Covid
  • No Southwest flight cancellation fee within 24 hours of booking as per Southwest Airlines cancellation policy.

Compensation for Southwest Airlines Cancelled Flight

  • 325 USD for a flight distance shorter than 1500 km
  • 475 USD for the flight distance between 1500 and 3500 km
  • 725 USD for flights longer than 3500 km as per Southwest Cancellation Policy
  • You'll get a notification, and the work's done

Southwest Airlines Refund Policy

It is disheartening to know about your flights getting cancelled! But it is even more relieving to know about the flight refund policy for Southwest Airlines, which was changed recently; and it says - SW Airlines will pay back its customers for cancellations and you'll be paid in full without any fee according to Southwest refund policy.

To request a refund by phone:

You can experience hours-long wait on Southwest’s phone lines.

  • Call our free-phone number of Southwest Airlines +1-855-738-3494
  • Mention your booking confirmation number
  • Provide flight details - date, flying from, and flying to
  • You'll get a notification, and the work's done

Southwest offers a generous cancellation and refund policy. To simplify matters regarding Southwest Airlines cancellation policy, you can call our airline experts at FareOsky at +1-855-738-3494 and resolve any issue from Southwest cancellation policy 24 hours, Southwest cancellation policy to booking cost-effective air tickets, tour packages, discounted airfares and more.

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