WestJet Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Friday, March 24, 2023

WestJet Unaccompanied Minor Policy

WestJet Airlines is committed to providing safe and reliable air travel to all its passengers, including unaccompanied minors. Flying alone can be an exciting and empowering experience for children, but it can also be stressful for parents and guardians. WestJet's unaccompanied minor policy ensures young passengers' well-being and comfort while providing peace of mind to their families.

This policy outlines the procedures and requirements for children traveling without a parent or guardian on WestJet flights, including age restrictions, fees, and the level of supervision provided. By following this policy, WestJet aims to make the travel experience enjoyable and worry-free for parents and children. Read this blog till the end to figure out the entire policy.

What are WestJet airways' unaccompanied minor policy?

  • The unaccompanied minor policy suggests that the child must be at least eight years old to be onboard the plane and should be under the age of 18. While getting the benefits of the minor policy is optional for kids between 12 and 18 years old.
  • The minor policy is not there for children who are deaf, blind, use the service of a dog, require medical assistance, have a disability, and cannot communicate well.
  • The policy is only applicable to WestJet flights. The flight must not be a connection flight; it doesn't depart before 5:30 am or arrives after 10:00 pm. And the flight that neither arrives nor onboards overnight.
  • To book a flight for the unaccompanied minor travel, the parents or guardian needs to fill in the unaccompanied minor request form.
  • WestJet flights can accommodate up to four unaccompanied minors per flight.
  • A headset, snack and a drink are provided to the minor during the flight.

How to make a booking for an unaccompanied minor at WestJet Airlines?

For you to book unaccompanied minor flights, it will be very easy. All you need to do is call +1-855-738-3494, and you will contact a travel guide at Fareosky—the guide who knows it all and has the best knowledge of your travel-related problems. It would help if you told them that you are looking for WestJet reservations for your unaccompanied minor. Follow their lead, and you will find your booking.

What are the Identification proof and Information asked by WestJet airlines?

  • Proof of the child's date of birth, gender and full name must be presented.
  • Also, the documentation shows the parents' or guardians' full name, address and cell phone number transporting the child to and from the airport.
  • The child's date of birth proof needs to be provided at the time of check-in.
  • The person picking up the child on arrival needs to be more than 18 years of age, and their photo identification proof must also be submitted.
  • After the unaccompanied minor service, one must also submit the unaccompanied minor form. The approval of the form would come in 48 hours, and it needs to answer within 72 hours with USD 100. A new request will be submitted if it takes more than 72 hours.

Things to take care of at the airport

  • WestJet Airlines requires you to be at the airport at least 90 minutes before your original departure. They ask you to turn in early because then they would be able to review the unaccompanied minor form, and your child will get enough sleep to check in and is ready for the departure.
  • The airline requires parents or guardians to be present at the gate until the aircraft departure. Also, you need to be available on the phone during arrival till the time the child is transferred to the pickup guardian at the destination.
  • The parents must ensure that the guardians transporting or picking up the child to and from the airport must submit a copy of the minor's itinerary and their identification proofs.
  • The parents or guardians can also put baggage tags with their child's and their names.
  • Before you get your child onboard, you can give them some snacks and gadgets to enter themselves, and it is important to know that your child will be preboarded and will be the last one to leave the plane.
  • The airline appreciates that the guardian picking up the child comes at least 30 minutes early before the scheduled arrival time.
  • Remember that there will be times when your child will not be allowed to access their electronic gadgets on a plane.

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